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I need to get my client to upgrade to these the latest version otherwise I cannot sell them our new product and hit my sales targets!
When clients can see that there are relevant patches and improvements in the product roadmap, it helps them justify renewing their subscription, adding users, and upgrading to higher tiers of service. Use Release Notes manager to quickly customise your publicly available release notes and watch your monthly recurring revenue soar.
That ticket could have closed so much faster if the customer didn鈥檛 keep finding content that confused and concerned them in the release notes
You know that this release has the fixes that your customer needs. With the release Notes Manager, you can focus on communicating just these changes to your client and avoid them getting distracted and discouraged by the other changes. Drive down your ticket closure times with and increase your customer satisfaction ratings with Release Notes Manager
I just know that the features in the latest release are just what my customer can transform the value that my customer sees in the product.
Your team's success attracts many clients, but clients don't have time to navigate through a sea of text to off many risky features that don't apply to them. Use the Release Notes Manager to communicate only relevant changes and keep clients focused and motivated and watch your NPS score rise.

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Submit your Release Notes by simply uploading the PDF, entering the URL, or pasting the text


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Our AI extracts the text from the Release Notes so that you can choose the changes that are most relevant for your Client



Save and download your new Client Centric Release Notes and use it immediately or share the download link with your client

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"Updates used to be an obstacle to overcome but thanks to this tool it actually smooths the way to new sales."

Ahmed Ahmoud

Ahmed Ahmoud

Sales Executive

"Discovering this tool has been a breath of fresh air and I can鈥檛 wait to use it more. Now I can easily meet the needs of the support team when they request summaries about changes specific to a given client."

Evans Kaijage

Evans Kaijage

Software Engineer

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"This tool has really save me hours with clients. Highly recommended!"

Gemma Prouts

Gemma Prouts

Customer Success